Airpes’ tunnel concrete segment tong used in Seattle, USA

A big project is taking place in Seattle: an enormous tunnel is being digged through the city. Airpes’ tunnel concrete segment tong is being used in this great project including the largest tunnel boring machine in the world.

This project started on 2013 and it’s likely to be finished very soon, on December 2015. The tunnel boring machine has an incredible diameter of 17,48 metres and once it’s done it will be considered one of the great constructions in the world.

Airpes’ tunnel concrete segment tong

Digging a tunnel it’s no easy job. Many factors take place on this, and the tunnel concrete segment tong has to work perfectly fine. Airpes’ tunnel concrete segment tong offers the safest way to work in the most delicate and precise handling and weighing projects.

Airpes manufactures the tunnel concrete segment tong in all sizes and capacities, always according to the customer’s request. All tongs have sensors on its legs and in the laterals to detect the segments and once all sensors are activated the operator can lift the load in a secure way.

If you want to know more about our tunnel concrete segment tong, check out its page. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you and assist you to find the safest and efficient solution at the best price.


Airpes Tunnel Concrete Segment Tong