Airpes uses 2x50t rail transfer cars to transport a wind turbine plate roll

Airpes performed an on demand solution for a Brazilian company, using 2x50t rail transfer cars to transport wind turbine plate rolls. It was an extremely difficult transportation (external diameter of the wind towers plate roll is between 2.000 mm and 4.500 mm) across the production area.

The main problem was that the ferrule needed to be removed from the production unit, at a different height, and transported 60 meters.

Airpes designed, manufactured, tested and installed a system composed by two independent cars with a storage support for the plate rolls that can be lifted up hydraulically from 800 mm up to 1.400 mm, to remove the ferrule from the production unit and lift it down for the transport. The capacity of the two cars is up to 100t (2X50T each)

The safety and control system was composed by:
• Radio remote control by joystick with data feedback on the radio remote
• Control of distribution of the weight on each trolley
• Synchronous movement of the cars via Wi-Fi, and positioning by using Götting reader and Tags installed on the rails ↔ car speed control
• Cars equipped with security bumpers (front/back).

Goals achieved:
• Ferrules Handling with extreme care with the rail transfer cars.
• Global safety system (also in the cars) allows doing maneuvers faster and safer.