Rotation & Installation Tower Section Tool

This tailor-made solution was developed to transfer directly from the harbor to the on-site tower section while providing the rotation and vertical installation of the tool in one maneuver.
The tool is mechanical only and it has an adjustable pivot point on the bottom, so the tool can be transported in a 20ft. container only. Once working, this pivot point can be fixed so the tool is ready to be used directly.
It can be used up to 120t tower section installation, with no size limits.

Thanks to the tool’s configuration, it allows withholding different tower section diameters and screw distribution and sizes, by using the difference of diameter in order to adjust to the tower section’s interface.
Simple, fast, and effective, it gets the work done with no complexities.

All our tailor-made solutions can be re-adjusted for your needs.

Rotation from Transport to Installation

Rotate your horizontal tower from a transport position directly to installation in one maneuver.

Can be used directly from the harbor

You can use it directly from the Harbour if you directly transport the tools with a ship.

Once in vertical, the tool is ready for installation

Rotation to Installation directly, by just dis-assembling the bottom part. That simple.

Safe, Reliable & Elegantly Simple solution

Only mechanic components adapted to all the tower section diameters, no adjustment, no leakage, no energy inputs. The simple direct solution that meets your requirements.

Multi-section for different Tower Section Diameter

Adapted to all the sections for your wind turbine, so you can use only one tool for all the operations, and with our tailor-made solutions, other models can be integrated as well.

Up to 170t in Rotation; 120t in Installation

Up to 170t during rotation, and 120t during installation.

Easy to transport & assemble

Easy and cheap to transport due to it is low-weight, dimension, and simplicity. It can be assembled in less than 1 hour and it fits in a 20ft. Container.