Airpes Nacelle tools for installation and transportation solutions vary in design, complexity, and capacity.
This tailor-made solution was developed to be easy to transport, static mechanical and easy to operate.
It consists of 2 components, one frontal and another one in the rear part of the nacelle with an electronic inclinometer which is showing the tool’s inclination, to ensure that everything is operating safe and smooth.

Electronic Inclination Control

It includes an electronic inclination system developed by Airpes to know, in each moment, remotely which is the inclination of the tool

Simple but effective

Rigg the shackles and slings and the tool is ready to go.

Easy to Transport

Thanks to the transport box specifically designed for the tool, it is easy to transport and safe to any possible damages that might incur on the field.

Integral Solution

The full mechanical and electronically aided solution as per demand provided all by AIRPES.