Our rail spreader beam is a solution designed by Airpes to lift and handle train rails in an easy and quick way. Our rail lifting beam will help your company to move your rails in any environment. The system allows you to lift two rails at once, making it easier, quicker, and more efficient than other rail lifters that allow lifting only a single rail at a time.

We can adapt the rail lifting beams to any environment. Usually, rail spreader beams work outdoors, in train rails repair facilities, however, we can adapt the design to any other specific needs and situations.

Features of the Airpes’ Rail Lifting Beam

Airpes’ rail lifting beams are manufactured and designed with the most advanced and demanding standards for heavy-duty lifting. This device will allow you to lift two train rails at once so you can handle them easily and at double the speed than with other rail lifting beams from other companies.

Allowed to work outdoors
Our rail lifting beam is designed for intensive outdoors use, where generally train rails are stored. It is perfectly adapted to bear any kind of climatic adversities and keep working under rain or cold temperatures.

Rail lifting beam main characteristics

Airpes has wide experience in designing and installing many types of lifting devices. The only limit is the crane lifting capacity for supporting the machinery and the load. Our rail lifting beams are designed for durability and low maintenance factor.

Adaptations and extra features available

Airpes can adapt every single product to every customer’s needs. Our rail lifting beams can have extra features like:

  • Integrated weighing capacity – we can add weighing capacity so your rail lifting beam will perform weighing operations at the same time it lifts the rails
  • Load limiter – to protect the machinery, hoist, and crane from overloads
  • Radio control – so you can control the rail lifting beam through a wireless system or receive information from it via radio
  • Extra safety features – like special painting, protection pads, load releasing protection…


Our rail lifting beam is usually installed in railway companies and less frequently in siderurgical companies that produce rails.