Cells especially designed and manufactured for the control of the charge in silos.

Features Load Cells Compression SKG

Capacities of 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 Tons.
Includes an anti –capsizing support.
These double cutting cells are made of alloyed steel or stainless steel.
They hold low-profile support, treated with highly corrosion-resistant paint.

Benefits Load Cells Compression SKG
Sensitiveness 2mV/V
Adjustment tolerance sensitiveness 0.1%
Adjustment zero tolerance <1% F.E.
Excitation tension ≤24V
No linearity <0.015% F.E.
No repeatability <0.012% F.E.
Combined error <0.029% F.E.
Hysteresis <0.012% F.E.
Fluency in 30 minutes <0.025% F.E.
Temp. effect and sensitiveness <0.023% F.E.
Temp effect at zero <0.016%/5ºC Compensated temperature margin -10ºC/+40ºC Entry resistance 760Ω±10Ω Exit resistance 700Ω±3Ω Insulation resistance (V. Test=100V) >5000 10’Ω
Maximum working charge 150% F.E.
Charge limit without losing characteristics 200% F.E.
Breaking charge >300% F.E.
Cable (length of 8 meters) Flexible 6×0.25mm
Protection IP 65

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