The Clamp for 30t is a tailor-made solution for one of our longest clients. Designed and Manufactured in 2019 by Airpes form a long-term generation of clamps, including the G-125 and G-114 as predecessors, the Clamp 30t is the last evolution of Blade Clamps or Single Blade Installation tools.
Can withhold 30t, getting up to 45t for futures blades. It can be re-adapted in multiple ways, allowing the system to use ALL the blade from their predecessors.

This system is manufactured following the bottom-up approach, developing semi-machines or components that can be manipulated, reviewed or evolved individually in order to provide a full solution, which can adapt to anyone’s requirements.

It can be transported in a 40ft Open-Top container, and it can be sent anywhere.

Night Lights (Optional)

The system includes night lights capabilities to work in low light environments. All of the lights are LED powered and they can be adjusted thanks to their tilting head and their magnets.

Data-feedback Remote Controller (Optional)

The remote controller shows multiple information such as Clamp Pressure and System Pressure, as well as showing the detailed status of the tool or any Alarm that might appear.

The tool can li multiple sizes and weight blades from different providers by installing the correct seat blade configuration and even future bigger blades.

Battery Power-up
With a UPS control and a battery system that can be charged in less than 4 hours; the system can fully work for a day-work.

Modem Controlled
The whole tool operation can be controlled anywhere around the world thanks to the Modem configuration, which allows Airpes to update the software; remote assistance, etc…

Tag-line extension (Optional)
The tool can extend its capabilities by adding custom-made tag-lines appendix, so the necessary strength to spin the whole Clamp-Blade system is easy and fast.