High capacity electric-powered rotators for all types of materials and adaptable to all types of hoists and cranes.

Airpes’ load rotator features

  • Adaptable to any customer’s needs.
  • They can be adapted for the rotation of different elements and parts.
  • Their design can be scaled for multiple uses and weights, up to objects of more than one hundred tons.

Always opt for turning devices that guarantee maximum safety in the workplace.


  • Crane and hoist capacity
  • Existing lifting beam installed
  • We can design lifting beams if the customer needs one
  • Range and height of the lifters and cranes
  • Use and service factor

We can manufacture rotors with high capacity to rotate all types of materials such as tower segments for wind turbines, nacelles with stand rotators, and any kind of product by using our air rotators with fixed or moveable pulleys. The pulleys can work with a rope or by chains, taking extra care about the product to be rotated and protected with plastic protection or slings, video cameras to control the turning, etc…

Extra on-demand accessories

  • Plastic protection to skip damages
  • Chain or rope slings
  • Vídeo function with attached cameras
  • Technical radio control of the loads
  • Personalized turn sequence or preset turning sequences
  • Automatic alignment sensors
  • High-temperature rooms capacity

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