Load Rotator


Get to know our high capacity electric powered rotators designed to turn all kinds of materials. It can be adapted to all type of hoists and cranes. Just lift the rotator from your hoist and it will service as a turner to the heaviest loads.


Airpes can produce a wide range of different load rotators, adequate for any customer’s demand. A load rotator -in some cases known as pal-turn or pal turn device- can be adapated for the rotation of different elements and  parts. We can design them for stand, air, coil rotators, etc… As well the design can be scaled to multiple uses and weights: from small elements to more than a hundred tonnes objects.

There is usually a strong debate on which method is the best to rotate, handle and roll heavy and bulky elements and items. From our experience, we know that inadequate resources or techniques employed to move, turn over and rotate materials can lead to workplace accidents and damage to the goods. Our experience in materials handling and weighing allows us to say that the best option is to opt for turning devices that guarantee the highest safety in the workplace.


Personalised tool to provide high service

The material being turned will move 360 degree and can be stopped in any position. The harnesses used with the device will turn your loads slowly and safely.

Every rotator made by Airpes is designed according to every customers’ needs. Those needs usually depend on their specific industrial sector, so we first make all the technical studies using the data the customer provides us like:

  • Crane and hoist capacity
  • Existing lifting beam installed
    • (We can design lifting beams if customer needs one)
  • Range and height of the lifters and cranes
  • Use and service factor

We can manufacture rotators with high capacity to rotate all kinds of materials like tower segments for wind turbines, Nacelle’s with stand rotators and any kind of product by using our air rotators with fixed or moveable pulleys. The pulleys  can work with a rope or by chains. taking extra care about the product to be rotated and protected with plastic protection or slings, video cameras to control the turning, etc…

Extra accessories

If you need something else than just rotating a big object Airpes can upgrade the devices and create air rotators that will take high care of your product while giving you information, turn control,

  • Plastic protection to skip damages
  • Chain or rope slings
  • Vídeo function with attached cameras
  • Technical radio control of the loads
  • Personalized turn sequence or preset turning sequences
  • Automatic alignment sensors
  • High temperature rooms capacity

Airpes ground rotators:

If you want to turn and rotate an object on the ground we can design a ground rotator adapted to the shape of the object you want and that will allow you to turn this object without lifting it in the air:

Offshore Project: upender and gangway | Adwen 01 | Airpes

Airpes air rotators:

For us, the only limit when designing your turn pal or air load rotator is your crane installation capacity and limits. Here a few examples of air rotators designed by Airpes:

Hydraulic adjustable lifting beam | Handling | Airpes
Hydraulic adjustable lifting beam | Handling | Airpes

Airpes Rotators in action:

Ground Rotator for Wind Energy sector in Brazil

Air Rotator +175 tons capacity



Turning devices for your crane installation

The use of a load turner  can help many industries like:

  • Siderurgical industry
  • Wind energy sector
  • Moulding and plastic injection
  • Naval industry
  • Construction
  • Container shipping and logistics

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