Find the best equipment for overhead cranes

What are overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are a type of cranes used in industries and factories to move leads. Overhead cranes allow to move loads horizontally and vertically. They consist of two parallel rails with a bridge that moves between them. The hoist, overhead crane’s lifting device, moves along the bridge between parallel ways.


The best products for overhead cranes

At Airpes we take care of the design and manufacture of the best equipment for your overhead cranes. Here are some of our products for overhead cranes:

Load limiters

They are responsible for monitoring and protecting the bridges of your overhead cranes. They monitor and record data. Check out one of our latest electronic limiters, Eagle.


With our display products you can see many details of the charge of the overhead cranes quickly and easily. We also have panels, repeaters, loading screens and indicators.

Load cells

Another way to capture weighing data of the overhead cranes are load cells. They inform us about the load’s weight in different conditions. They save wiring costs.


Hooks are placed hanging from the overhead cranes and are responsible for controlling the entry and exit of products as well as the stock or storage.


For radio control products, we trust in Autec. This is the best way to control your overhead cranes.


Find the best equipment for your overhead cranes

Contact us to find the best equipment for your overhead cranes. We will advise you to find the specific product that suits your and your company’s needs and also optimize your projects.

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