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Our Clients: lifting, handling and weighing sectors

Airpes® is strongly established in handling and weighing systems throughout Western and Eastern Europe and is increasing its presence on other continents, such as America and Oceania.

Our customers rely on the safety and efficiency of our weighing, handling and lifting equipment. We advise and work with them to find the right solutions for their needs in lifting and weighing.

We work side by side with all industries; we offer solutions to the steel industry, the wind industry, the boat industry and many more.

Our tailor-made solutions are successful because of their level of customization. We work closely with the customer to find the best lifting, handling and weighing solutions that fit their needs and which also focus on safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Discover Airpes customers who have trusted us with the design and implementation of their handling, lifting and weighing solutions.


Bamesa | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

BAMESA is one of the international leaders in Steel Service Centers located in seven countries with a processing capacity of over 2.5 million tons per year of flat carbon steel.


Gonvarri | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Gonvarri Steel Industries is the European leader in Steel Service Centers and renewable energy components. Consolidated in Europe, Latin America and taking important positions in Asia and USA.


Acciona | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

ACCIONA is a global leader in renewable energy, water services and infrastructure, that is present in 30 countries, with a 30,000-strong workforce.


Alstom | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Alstom is a world leader in transport infrastructure, power generation and electrical grid. Is present in around 100 countries, with more than 90,000 employees.

GH Cranes

GH Cranes | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

GH Cranes is a specialist in elevation systems with more than 50 years’ experience producing cranes and more than 80,000 units sold around the world.


Jaso | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Jaso is a prestigious company whose presence in the sector crosses many frontiers with more than 10.000 tower cranes in more than 60 countries.


Airbus | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Airbus is the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer. A global enterprise of some 59,000 employees. Airbus today consistently captures about half of all commercial airliner orders.


Gamesa | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

SENER is an Engineering and Construction company, present in 11 countries, with more than 2,500 professionals.

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Gamesa | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Gamesa is a global technological leader in the wind industry with years of experience and more than 25,000 MW installed in 40 countries,.


Bardella | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Bardella is a brazilian leader in the supply of equipment for the Metallurgy, Energy, Oil and Gas, Materials Handling, Service, and Drawn and Rolled Steel industrial sectors.


ArcelorMittal | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. Operates in 60 countries and employs about 245,000 people worldwide.


Verlinde | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Verlinde, located in the central region of France, is a french leading maker and exporter of hoisting and handling equipment.


Koch | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Koch is one of the most important handling material equipment’s company of South America.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Tata Steel is among the top ten steel manufacturers in the world and it is the Tata Group’s flagship Company. Tata companies employ over 425,000 people worldwide.

Grupo Inerzia

Inerzia | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

INERZIA is a group of companies, operating in the wind industry, with high standards in innovation and highly orientated to their customers.


SWF | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

SWF is one of the leading global players in crane and hois­ting equipment.


Konecranes | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses. The Group has 12,100 employees at 626 locations in 48 countries.


Acerinox | Clients | Lifting Equipment Airpes

ACERINOX is known worldwide as the most competitive group in the world in stainless steel manufacturing. In production capacity, Acerinox Group is the first world producer.

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