Brand new video for Airpes permanent electromagnet

Airpes designs its own permanent electromagnet

We are proud to announce Airpes’ permanent electromagnet, designed entirely based on the concepts of reliability, high performance and flexibility.

The key to all permanent electromagnet is a strong and secure hold. Also, Airpes permanent electromagnet provides the best result for our clients, with its modular system which increases or decreases the active modules as they are needed.

Permanent electromagnet in action

Today we want to show you how our permanent electromagnet works and the best way to do is is by seeing it in action.

Here is our brand new video showing you how Airpes’ permanent electromagnet works:

Special prices in permanent electromagnet

Airpes permanent electromagnet is tested in the most extreme conditions to guarantee the highest quality and safety.

We offer you special prices to our permanent electromagnet. Contact us, request a quote and we will help you find the best solution for your company, improving the way that you work and making it so much safer and easier.