Airpes designs two automatic tongs for Becker

We present you Airpes’ latest on demand solution: the design, manufacturing and installing of 2 units of full automatic Packet-Tongs.

2 units of full automatic Packet-Tongs

The client, german company Becker Stahl-Service, needed 2 units of full automatic Packet-Tongs, up to SWL 7,5t and able to achieve the efficiency and delivery times for which Becker’s warehouse is known.

Airpes designed, manufactured and installed both units. They can be used in manual or automatic mode, they can lift up to 3 packets of rectangular plates in 3 different formats. The units are controlled by AUTEC remote controls and give the warehouse the flexibility to work safe and on time.

Becker Stahl-Service, Airpes’ client

If you want to get into more detail, check out the full on demand for Becker.

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