Video of our motorized lifting beams with magnets

We recently tested the performance of our motorized lifting beams with electromagnets with very positive results.

We wanted to share with you those results of this test with a video showing you the new Airpes’ motorized lifting beams with magnets.

Testing our motorized lifting beams

In the video, you can see how Airpes motorized lifting beams, both 4t and 8t, work and turn perfectly, adapted with magnets. With this lifting beams, handling is most convenient and practical. Its motorized movement and magnetization allow easier and safer working, moving and lifting the load as it is required.

Motorized lifting beams with magnets

Airpes’ lifting beams can be fixed, in H and having gravity mobile center, powered hydraulic leveling systems or motorized rotation.

The motorized lifting beams, the ones which we are telling you about today, have also magnets to secure the load to lift.

Check out Airpes’ lifting beams

Airpes has manufactured special lifting beams for all kind of different applications, and sectors like; renewable energy sources specially wind turbines, nacelle’s, rotors, blades etc., all kind of different beams for industrial applications, steel mills, paper mills, aeronautics and aero spatial facilities, energy companies involved in Thermo solar plants.


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