Hook Blocks

Discover all of our Snatch Hook products, weighing systems ready to help you in your projects.

Check out the hook block scale, a new lifting system that calculates the weight of the elevated load while in motion, without having to move it to a steady weighing option.

Airpes’ hook block scale can adapt to any type of crane and enjoys a high level of precision. With this hook block scale your work will be efficient and safe.

Find out how the hook block scale ATP-100 will help you in the weighing and lifting of your loads.

The hook block scale and all airpes® products meet the highest standards of safety and quality of the European Union, in addition to the processes of designing, manufacturing and marketing certificates UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious TÜV.

Hook Block Scale ATP-100

ATP100 01 | Snatch | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The ATP hook block scale is an electronic weighing system of great precision, thought to be adapted to any type of crane. [+]