How electromagnets can help your company

The best electromagnets at Airpes

When you work with steel plates, you need an electromagnet in your company. But that’s not all. At Airpes we design, manufacture and test all kinds of electromagnets ready to help you to do your job the best way possible.

Increase productivity in your company

We want to increase your productivity and efficiency with the best handling and weighing equipment. Our electromagnets are designed to work in extreme conditions like really high temperature, dust and heavy duty. But our first priority is the safety. We design all our products according to the latest regulations.

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 01 | Airpes

Benefits of the electromagnet systems

* Our electro magnets can be used individually or in multiples, with different systems of suspension.

* Airpes provides integral solution through the use of lifting beams and optional features like telescopic opening/closing, special suspensions or the possibility to add fixed welded hooks.

* Airpes designs, builds and supply the complete system including power supply (cable reel as optional), and electrical Control Box.

* Airpes is also in charge of supplying support batteries.

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Discover all that our electromagnet systems can do for your business. Increase productivity, saving money and assuring a safe work well done.

Contact us, request a quote and we will respond as soon as possible so we can help you find the best system for you.


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