Catia designs: benefits of the industrial solution for lifting equipment

Catia | Airpes


What is Catia?

Catia is a computer design and engineering program that was created to offer support from the design inception to the final product production. It helps us to design complex engineering products as closely as possible to reality. Catia helps us to be pioneers in our industrial sector.

Advantages of Catia’s lifting and weighing designs

Design any product as it will look in real life

One of Catia’s advantages is that it manages multi-part geometries better than other similar design solutions and shows you the product you are designing as it will look in its final version.

Helps companies become smart

Having a solution like Catia helps companies to be at the forefront of technology and enables them to offer their own solutions and designs with the highest quality and reliability.

It shows you the process in an integrated way

Catia’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables real-time collaboration on projects, with different partners working in an integrated manner using the same data source.

Saves time and money

Catia allows you to predict possible design errors and helps you to correct them before the final design is defined. This helps streamline the design process and engineering work, saving time and money.

Trust Airpes as your lifting and weighing supplier

Airpes works with Catia, along with other solutions. We take care of designing the custom solution that your company needs. Trust us, ask for a quote and we will help you make your project go ahead in the safest and most efficient way.