Brand new electropermanent magnets for steel cutting

Introducing Airpes’ Brand new electropermanent range

Airpes in its commitment to develop new solutions for the industry challenges, presents its new range of products for the industry of Steel cutting.

These new electropermanent magnets are able to lift full plate and profiles parts, in just one movement in the safest way, fast and controlled, with the increase of productivity and cost savings.

Benefits of the electropermanent magnets

This new range of products is thought to give our customers a wide range of options and flexibility. Please ask us about capacities, dimensions and all the options that we can offer you.

The electropermanent magnets offer a really safe way to move single plates, tubes, etc…, with the latest technology.

Airpes offers cost effective solutions, safe and versatile. Easy to install and manipulate, no batteries required and flexible electronic boards, giving our systems a big range of options.



Request a quote right now and we’ll tell you more about our Brand new electropermanent range or any other question you might have.

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