7 safety tips for steel handling and to operate lifting solutions in the steel sector

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For almost twenty years, in Airpes we have worked with many companies in the steel sector, and we have designed many handling, lifting and weighing tools specially designed for this sector.

Working with coils, beams, pipes or plates can be delicate. We know that dealing with a material such as steel entails certain situations that must be taken into account to carry out the projects in a safe way for the workers. That’s why we have compiled some basic safety tips for handling steel or operating lifting devices in the steel sector.

7 basic safety tips in the steel sector

1. Plan and organize the operation with qualified personnel

All the professionals involved in each operation must be properly qualified for the task and know all the information regarding the project: weights, cargo, transportation, etc. This is the only way to plan all the work with all guarantees.

2. Always inspect the accessories to be used

Within the planning of the operation comes the inspection of the accessories and elements to be used. This goes from the lifting system or weighing equipment to the accessories such as displays or personal equipment.

3. Have adequate personal protective equipment

Professionals must be properly equipped to protect themselves and avoid accidents at work.

4. Always carry the load of lifting equipment

At Airpes, as experts in lifting and weighing equipment, we know how important it is to meet load limits. They are there to secure the work and protect the workers, meaning that, although it may seem obvious, you never have to exceed the recommended load.

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5. Choosing the right chains to secure the load

Not only lifting systems must comply with the recommended safety measures. It is very important that the chains to be used follow the load classification recommended for the operation you are going to start.

6. Carefully discharge steel loads

When steel, especially pipes or coils are discharged, the pins must be loosened slowly and not be removed until the element is secured and there is no signal of displacement.

7. Correct storage of steel elements

Steel elements come in many different forms. Coils are circular, while plates can be very thin or even chipped. Depending on the type, it is important to store them carefully and always ensuring their position.

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Airpes helps you carry out your project in the steel sector

Contact us if you need a lifting, handling or weighing system. All Airpes products meet the strictest safety and quality standards of the European Union. Our design, manufacturing and marketing processes are certified in ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standards by the prestigious German organization TÜV.