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Hand pallet truck scale ATE-100


The ATE-100 model hand pallet truck scale has been designed to solve the continuous problems of transport of loads towards a steady scale in any environment. Our ATE-100 hand pallet truck scale will give you the information of how much material you are handling at the same time you are transporting it. The ATE-100 is easy to use and will give you total freedom inside any warehouse or shipping premises.


Once you have issues with your load transport, this may mean you need a pallet truck. At Airpes we have the ATE-100 pallet truck scale to make your transport much easier.

The ATE-100 model pallet truck scale has been designed to be durable and work in any environment (steel, food, logistics, pharmacy, etc.), resolving the continuous problems of transport of loads towards a steady scale.

Our ATE-100 series pallet jack scale has the following technical profile:

  • High capacity to lift any size loads up to 2000 kgs (4400 lbs)
  • Fractions of 0.5 kgs (1.1 lbs)
  • Inner rechargeable battery powered
  • High range of service: -10/+50 ºC – 15/85% humidity
  • Customizable inputs/outputs and instruments (limiter, doser, information…)
  • Metal wheels

You can upgrade each one of our ATE-100 Hand Pallets Trucks Scales with standard and easy to use instruments:

  • Optional piece counter function
  • Optional modular printer
  • Optional modular printer with lcd load indicator
  • Optional infrared capacity commander
  • Optional stainless surface


Our manual ATE-100 has a weight/tare digital lcd indicator with total calculation option and remote control capacity. Optionally a multifunction visor and indicator can be incorporated and it can be provided with communication by radio.

It is ergonomic and easy to handle, like all the others heavy duty pallet trucks, so it can work in any environment and industry. This jack scale is one of our most versatile heavy duty scales from Airpes, and can work with any standard pallets along with other pallet trucks. The main benefit of using our ATE-100 pallet truck scale is that the user can weigh and read the weight without moving the pallets onto platform scales or floor scales.

With the tare function you can easy read and weigh how much you are loading onto the forks: it definetely will help your company save a lot of time on material handling.



The ATE-100 hand pallet jack scale can work in any sector needing to improve time and data when moving goods inside a storehouse or shipping premises. Some of the sectors where we have serviced it are:

  • Food and beverage
  • Siderurgical
  • Plastic moulding industry
  • Energy and power companies
  • Shipping and logistics sector

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