Blade Transport Tool (TIP)

Design, Engineered, and Manufacture by Airpes, this tool reunites the two major fields of Airpes core philosophy; Heavy Duty Lifting with Wind Renewable Energies lifting tools.
Thanks to Airpes experience performing C-Hooks for coils and the experience of Airpes performing sensitive tools that handles complex and fragile surfaces such blades, the requested solution was performed as per demands, satisfying the clients’ request in terms of cost, time-line and ease of use.

This tool was requested for a manufacturing plan maneuver to load an unload blades in the plant.

CE Certificates
Certified CE. Other certificates are available.

As per your specifications
Design, Engineer, and Manufacture for our client’s satisfaction, we work hand-to-hand with our costumers to provide not the solution they required, but the solution they wish.

BV Certified
Certified by Bureau Veritas as per request.

Load Tested
Load Tested under controlled conditions thanks to our Airpes HQ 1000t work-bench.