The SBI is the perfect tool for installing wind turbine blades safely and under control. The hydraulic operated through a maximum control remote control of more than 100m wide range allows the tool to clamp the blade safely with no damage. It allows as well to incline the tool up to 5º in order to adjust the entrance of the blade’s root in the hub or to avoid any damage in very flexible blades which tip bends so much that it goes over the terrain.

Thanks to the remote control display and all the sensors installed along the machine, the control over the system is informed to the operator at any moment; as well as using our expertise in the below-the-hook crane tools and incorporate as well acoustic and luminous indications.

Our Lift-and-go philosophy allows the tool just to be ready to work, once installed, by just lifting up the main hook, so it can be operated with no further delay, this speed allows the tool to install up to 3 blades, the wind turbine in whole, in a working day.

[-5, +5] º Inclination

The tool allows an inclination of the blade in order to adjust easily the installation in the nacelle and to avoid any damage during blade lifting.

Night Lights  

The system includes night lights capabilities to work in low light environments. All of the lights are LED powered and they can be adjusted thanks to their tilting head and their magnets.

Data-feedback Remote Controller

The remote controller shows multiple information such as Clamp Pressure and System Pressure, as well as showing detailed status of the tool or any Alarm that might appear.


The tool can lift multiple size and weight blades from different providers by installing the correct seat blade configuration and even future bigger blades.

Easy and fast to install between configurations 

Fuel Generator

With the new TIER IV compliant Fuel Generator, the system can be used anywhere around the world with no further complications.

Modem Controlled

The whole tool operation can be controlled anywhere around the world thanks to the Modem configuration, which allows Airpes to update the soware; remote assistance, etc…