Rotation of a 175 T. generator with rotator lifting beams

Initial situation

A major multinational company needs to rotate a 175 T. generator. This generator must be flipped and inserted into a test bench in its axis position.
The client has two 100 t. cranes.

It’s a complex rotating operation in which the generator must be turned and grounded with full safety. Airpes designs a solution for the client.

Airpes' solutions

Airpes’ team, as experts in handling and weighing, proposes:

- To install two plates bolted to the generator
- In this plates there is two blocks installed fit for line working and to supply two turners.
- The turners allow to work in tandem mode, so they can be used as lifting, rotating and turning equipment.

It’s a delicate and precise procedure, in which the generator turns itself and its grounded into the designated location safely and efficiently.

The lifting beams have been adapted to the European standards as well as the strict internal rules of the multinational’s security.


The elevation, handling and rotation of the generator with the lifting beams proceeds correctly with no issues.

The results are optimal, with no incidents and full satisfaction from the plant workers, for its simplicity, maneuverability and security provided by the system.