Initial situation

One of our oldest customers, ask us to manufacture a lifting beam. It is a lifting equipment that has to be able to lift one drive train and we able to lift and manipulate in different situations and conditions.

Initial situation description:
This on demand solution includes the manufacturing of a lifting beam that is able to lift one drive train and also be able to lift and manipulate loads in different situations. This lifting beam had to be able to work well in the factory as well as on the field, with working conditions from -30º up to 45º. And in different configurations Drive train + generator, Drive train without generator and in both cases with or without the transportation frame.

The need to solve:
To have a lifting beam, able to lift a drive train and able to work:
o Inside / outside the factory
o Working Temperature range: From -30º C to 45º C
o Different configurations: Drive train ± generator, and in both cases ± transportation frame.

Airpes' solutions

We developed, tested and installed a hydraulic lifting beam up to 95t with a central lifting point.
Also a system to regulate the horizontal axis of the lifting beam from 0º up to -7º and the transversal axis ± 1º was developed.


- The lifting beam allows a safe and easy handling from the drive train in different configurations
- Time saving at the industrial process.