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  • Lifting beam
  • We manufacture lifting beams for all kind of different applications, and sectors like; renewable energy sources specially wind turbines, nacelle’s, rotors, blades etc…, all kind of different beams for industrial applications, steel mills, paper mills, aeronautics and aero spatial facilities, energy companies involved in Thermo solar plants.
    Airpes offers all type of beams, like; fix beams, H beams, moveable centre of gravity beams, hydraulic powered, with levelling system, motorized rotating beams. Automatic control and working systems installed in automatic cranes.
  • C-hook
  • Airpes crane C-hooks, are designed to meet the specific coil handling requirements of the customer's. The counterweight is centered and welded to the main body, made in one piece. Designed according our customer’s needs, to entry into de coil ID, it is also possible to manufacture them with different grades of steel to decrease the overall weight and facilitate use in any crane. Each C-hook is custom engineered to meet the customer's specific requirements for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom.
  • Coil tong
  • We design and manufactures coil tongs for the most demanding customers all over the world. Airpes engineers can design and adapt coil tongs to meet the request from our customers regarding mechanical features, electronic components, and as always the highest of safety standards.
  • Sheet lifter
  • A sheet lifter provides fast and smooth leg adjustment and allows for additional force to be applied to the sides of the loads. Lifters are designed per application. We design with the customer the requested Sheet lifters, hydraulic lifters, or electro mechanical lifters.
  • Scissor tong
  • We manufacture slab tongs all sizes and capacities, mechanical or electrical, scissor type designed for one or two hooks, as optional we can add rotation.
  • Mesh Nippers
  • Our Mesh Nippers are made in the basis to ensure a perfect and safe load and to save time in the operation of load and unload the trucks. This efficient nipper provides to the user a safe way to manipulate the loads with only one operator, and increase the productivity of the warehouse
  • Tunnel concrete segment tong
  • We manufacture the Tunnel concrete segment tong, in all sizes and capacities according the customer’s request, the tongs has sensors on the legs and in the laterals to detect the segments and once all sensors are activated the operator can lift the load in a secure way. Easy to attach to the crane and easy for the maintenance, this tongs improve the working system and protect the product until delivered on place.
  • Permanent electromagnet
  • Airpes has designed his own electro permanent magnet, based in reliability, heavy duty and flexibility of them, Airpes manufacture its electro permanent magnet to give the customer the maximum options with its modular system that allows increasing or decreasing the modules according the particularity of each magnet beam. Airpes has designed its own system and have tested them in the most extreme working conditions to ensure the quality and safety of the electro permanent magnets.
  • Electromagnet
  • We manufacture all kind of electromagnets for all kind of applications, round, square and in all measures to increase the options for our customers. Designed industrial magnets for all kind of industrial sectors, magnets can be used for most of the handling situations in a factory involving steel plates, profiles, scrap, handling tubing, rebar, bar stock, plate, coiled strips, structural shapes, castings, forgings, and bundles.
  • Transfer car
  • We have designed Transfer car for all kind of industries. We have the versatility to manufacture them, by using rails, battery autonomous powered, 4x4, for special ATEX applications, the different solutions provided by Airpes, meets the needs from the customer.
  • Rotator
  • Airpes manufactures all its rotators based in the customers’ needs according the specific industrial sector, we can manufacture rotators with high capacity, for to rotate all kind of materials, like tower segments for Wind turbines or Nacelle’s with stand rotators, all kind of product by using our air rotators with using fix or moveable pulleys, taking extra care about the product to be rotated and protected with plastic protection or slings.
  • Motorized rotating crane
  • One of the most demanded applications, is to motorize the hook block from the crane, often called crane blocks or crane bottom blocks, and is below-the-hook crane lifting equipment designed for your specific application

And, of course, we have deep expertise developing taylor made solutions.

You can choose between all of equipments for handling the one which matches to your requirements: cattle handling equipment, sheep handling equipment, goat handling equipment, grain handling equipment, pipe handling equipment, coil handling equipment, lifting devices, lifting equipment...

All the airpes® products fulfill the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.