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Electronic two-axis inclinometer AID-200


Control and protect overloading machines under operation with the AID-200 electronic two-axis inclinometer. Any electrical failure or unforeseen can be controlled by this system.

With the AID-200 electronic two-axis inclinometer you will be able to monitor and record data concerning various lifting and weighing systems and gather information from different elements of the process.


  • Dual axis measuring inclinometer
  • High Resolution 0,02⁰
  • Input voltage 12 ÷ 35V
  • Accuracy 0,2⁰
  • Measurement range ±90⁰
  • IP67 protection
  • Output 0-5V/0-10V


The AID-200 electronic two-axis inclinometer is designed to be mounted on the fixed branch of any crane or one of the compensation pulley branches. By means of which you can control the deviation that the two axes that affect the cable may suffer, due to the work they do.

Especially suitable for working connected to an Airpes Electronic Limiter model ALM-100N with special software.